Tax Negotiations

What tax negotiations boil down to is finding out what the IRS wants and what you are prepared to trade. It is finding mutually acceptable compromise giving both you and the IRS what you want.

DO NOT take a position of taking no prisoners, this might work in this case, but can really hamper your affectedness in future cases.

There are 4 steps to negotiations:

  1. Preparation
  2. Information exchange
  3. Bargaining
  4. Commitment

When preparing for negotiations your need to assess your goals, what you are willing to trade, what alternatives there are if you do not reach agreement with the IRS, what is your particular relationship with this IRS employee and what you expect as the outcome. You also need to think about the consequences of your winning or losing.

Building and sustaining a business on line

Well I guess I took this session to heart. Am I not here spilling my guts? It is really hard to get involved in a new way of doing and growing a business.

I am computer savvy in many ways, just not where Facebook, Linkedln, blogging, WordPress and Twitter are concerned. I am at a complete loss. So what did I do? I went online and purchased Social Media for Dummies and WordPress for Dummies. I started to read them, and then went on line to have someone else set me up. I know, I am chicken.

Oh thanks for asking what my business is.

I am a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist and CPA. I do not want to do tax returns I absolutely do not want to do write up work. I want to help taxpayers get out from under the thumb of the IRS and State.

Currently all my work is from referrals from other CPA’s, EA’s and attorneys. I also have referrals from previous clients.

The professionals who contact me on behalf of their clients know enough to not get involved with tax resolution work. It is a specialty that takes special training and skill. I cannot tell you how many cases I have done in the past that a tax professional messed up from not having the right background. They were great tax accountants, but not so good in the resolution area.

Enough about me, back to business.