I am a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist who assists other CPA’s and Attorneys whom have clients that find themselves in trouble with a governmental taxing agency. I will interview your client at no charge to see what services they qualify for.  I will discuss their options including giving them advice how to proceed if they have the ability to solve their problem themselves.  I have represented clients in front of the Internal Revenue Service, Board of Equalization, Franchise Tax Board and Employment Development Departments.

My formal training in tax resolution from the American Society of Problem Solvers prepared me for the challenges associated with negotiating reduced tax liabilities with taxing agencies.

Anticipating the questions that will be asked by these agencies leads to my high success rate of favorable resolution for the taxpayer.

Through open communication with my clients regarding all aspects of their tax resolution cases, I am able to relieve their stress and fear associated with dealing with taxing agencies. I take over their cases from start to finish, and am able to explain every step along the way.