Sherri Bieber, CPA

I am dedicated to providing close, personal attention to my clients. I take pride in giving you the assurance that comes from years of advanced training, and technical experience. My continual investment of time and resources in professional continuing education is indicative of my dedication to excellence. One of my primary goals is to become a trusted advisor who is always available to provide insight and helpful advice that will allow my clients peace of mind during their dealings with taxing agencies. I welcome you to contact me at anytime.

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Audit Reconsideration

What do you do when a client is unsuccessful after an audit? We know that the client will be receiving a “Statutory Notice of Deficiency is issued or a 90-day Notice is given. The taxpayer can either file a court petition during the 90 day period or he can file for audit reconsideration. This process allows the taxpayer to disagree with the results of the audit. However, the IRS does not have to allow the audit … [Read More...]