American Society of Tax Problem Solver Seminar

Wow! I just returned from a three day advanced seminar put on by the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers.

This is the third time I have been to one of their boot-camps and by far this was the most informative.

Topics and presenters were:

  1. Criminal Tax Problem Resolution – Robert Patrick Sticht, Esq.
  2. Representing Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Cases – Neil Deininger, CPA, Esq.
  3. Building and Sustaining Business Relationships Online – For Tax Problem Solvers – Jennifer Bailey, Director at JAILBREAK CREATIVE
  4. Practice Growth – Donald J. Hahn, CFF,CPBA,CPVA
  5. Audit Reconsideration: An Often Overlooked Gem – LG Brooks, EA, CTRS
  6. The power of attorney and Forms of Authority – LG Brooks, EA, CTRS
  7. Advanced Non-Filer Representation – Robert McKenzie, Esq., EA, CTRS
  8. Tax Negotiations – Robert McKenzie, Esq., EA, CTRS

I will be giving my thoughts regarding what I learned over the next several weeks along with some direct information provided by the above presenters.


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